Entry Terms And Regulations

1. Any individual natural person related with civil aviation industry like scientists, designers or engineers e.g. including matriculated University and College students or any corporation (e.g. airlines, leasing companies, MRO companies or suppliers), airports as well as universities or similar institutions may present an entry to participate in the RedCabin Trinity Award.
2. Members of the Jury, members of the Screening Executive Board as well as members of the RedCabin GmbH are not allowed to take part in the competition. In contrast to that, a company, university or other institution that is represented in the Jury by an employee is allowed to participate in the competition. If a competitor is represented in the Jury by an associate, that member of the Jury may not take part in the evaluation of that particular entry. If there is a member of the Jury representing a company that is a customer of the submitted product, then that member has to abstain from voting for this specific product. In case this product reaches the finals, that member has to abstain from voting within the complete corresponding category. No member of the Jury will be allowed to assess a product of a company he is associated with. Any assessment by a Jury Member that is associated with the company responsible for an entry will be ignored for the total score of that particular entry.
3. A company creating only one product type is not allowed to submit more than one entry, whereas a company with a wider range of products can apply with concepts of other product types in different categories. A company can only submit one application per category with a maximum of three entries.
4. In order to be recognized as innovation an entry must introduce a change that presents a new dimension of performance. Concepts that have been established for two or more years cannot be accepted as innovation if it did not undergo significant changes. A concept is qualified for entry to the competition, if it has not yet been introduced to the market. The same entry cannot be submitted twice, neither in the same year, nor in following years without significant changes. This applies only to concepts that have been accepted by the Screening Executive Board in the past. The Screening Executive Board will take the final decision about admitting a concept for the second time.
5. Entries must be submitted with: www.trinityaward.redcabin.de
– The application form as provided on the website www.redcabin.de
– A digital PDF or PPT-document that might contain five pages max. with a maximum of 7 graphics/ photos as well as an amount of 1500 words (9500 characters) that describe the entry. The applicant will explain the innovation with a very short summary in the beginning of the presentation.

The text will contain technical information about the entry as requested in the application form. Within the text the applicant will specifically provide the following information:
*Please, explain your innovation by providing all relevant technical information.
*Explain your challenges and what your constraints are with regard to this innovation.
*Define the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your innovation.
*Explain the specific benefit for the end-user (e.g. for the airline, the leasing company or the
MRO company).
*Explain the specific benefit for the passenger.
*The innovative concept should have a 75% chance to become a product within two years. This will be examined by taking into account the TRL (Technology Readiness Level) criteria. Describe the level and the timeline to TRL 9 starting with TRL 1. 
TRL 1: Basic principles observed and reported 
TRL 2: Technology concept and/or application formulated 
TRL 3: Analytical and experimental critical function and/or characteristic proof
of concept 
TRL 4: Component and/or breadboard validation in laboratory environment 
TRL 5: Component and/or breadboard validation in relevant environment 
TRL 6: System/subsystem model or prototype demonstration in a relevant
TRL 7: System prototype demonstration in an operational environment 
TRL 8: Actual system completed and ‘flight qualified’ through test and
TRL 9: Actual system ‘flight proven’ through successful mission operations.
The RedCabin GmbH cannot accept any documents, which are significantly longer. Only the PDF-document will be provided to the Jury Members.
It is also obligatory to provide RedCabin GmbH with a document that should be used for public relation and information purposes during and after the competition. This document must be uploaded as a WORD-document containing a short descriptive text (200 words) about the entry.
And finally it is also obligatory for applicants to upload at least two printable photos/graphics of the entry (JPEG/ 300 dpi/ one picture in portrait format + one picture in landscape format) as well as a company logo. These files will also be used for public relation and information purposes.

6. Every application will be submitted online using the Award webpage without any exception. Finalists must take part in the remote Final Viewing on May 8 and/or 9, 2024. In case of absence or prevention the finalist may be allowed to nominate a representative, who will present the entry acting on behalf of the finalist.
7. Every application must be submitted until 15 December 3 PM CET 2023. Entries that are delayed will not be accepted. Subsequent changes of application details and attached documents will not be accepted.
8. Every application has to be presented in the English language.
9. Applicants must describe the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of their concept. Furthermore they should provide information about a similar existing product/ concept as well as about its development status. If these pieces of information are not given, the entry will not receive the full amount of scores. Each participant is self-responsible to ensure that the concept entered into the Awards does not violate copyright laws or intellectual property rights of another person, company or institution.
10. The specific entry will be presented for one specific category. If the selected category is not appropriate, then the Screening Executive Board may propose another category. The applicant will be informed accordingly. An application may be entered in one category only except for the Best of RedCabin category as well as for the Lifetime Award category, because you cannot apply for these. For the category Best of RedCabin only participants of the RedCabin Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit can vote during the event. The candidate for the Lifetime Award will be nominated by the CEO of RedCabin. Only one company, institution or single person is allowed to apply for a category. Cooperation partners of the applicant must be mentioned additionally in the application form.
11. Every application fulfilling general application criteria will be evaluated by the Screening Executive Board. The Screening Executive Board consists of the CEO of the RedCabin GmbH and of at least three independent aviation experts. The Screening Executive Board decides upon the entries to be included in the competition’s short-list and may also require further information from the participants before proposing it for the short-list. The short-list includes the best entries of all categories. The screening and selection of the entries is based on the terms and regulations of the RedCabin Trinity Award. Entries that are not included in the short-list will not be evaluated by the Jury.
12. All short-listed entries will be evaluated by the complete Jury. Jury Members may not evaluate an entry of a company, university or other institution they are associated with. The Jury Members’ decision will be based on the scoring terms as defined by the competition regulations and their general knowledge as experts. For the remote Final Viewing at least one half of the Jury Members must be present.
13. The Jury consists of max. 15 aircraft interior experts and specialists. The Jury Members remain neutral. The chairwoman/ chairman of the Jury is appointed by the members of the RedCabin GmbH. She or he is chosen from the ranks of the Jury. She or he remains chairwoman or chairman for two years.
14. The Jury’s decision is final.
15. All participants agree to accept the decisions of the RedCabin GmbH, the Screening Executive Board and the Jury.
16. The members of the RedCabin GmbH, the members of the Jury as well as the members of the Screening Executive Board have agreed in maintaining secrecy on all issues of the evaluation process. This includes all technical or commercial details of entries to the competition.
17. Applying for the RedCabin Trinity Award is free of charge.
18. By submitting an entry, each applicant grants to the RedCabin GmbH and their sponsors the right to print, publish, display, broadcast, and use the entrant’s name, entry information, trade names, trade marks as well as logos for purposes related to the award and to use the 200 words text and the photos for promotional purposes associated with the RedCabin Trinity Award. The RedCabin GmbH is not liable for any trademark disputes regarding entries to the award.
19. Under no circumstances the RedCabin GmbH is liable for any damage or any other affecting of property rights of the applicant. Every applicant will take care by his own responsibility securing his intellectual property rights before submitting an application.
20. The RedCabin GmbH will announce the winners at the Awards Ceremony 13 June 2024 during the Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit in Dallas, USA.
21. In all traditional categories there will be a first prize each, with a precious well-designed trophy and a certificate.
22. The RedCabin GmbH highly recommends the Award winners and finalists to state in their advertising or in their promotional material including their stationery that they have been winners/finalists. They must include the awards logo, the category and year of their win.
23. Participants agree not to take any legal action at any time, whether before, while, or after each competition against any decision of the RedCabin GmbH or any of its bodies, or members, or Jury Members, whether internal or external in respect to the selection of applicants, Jury Members, sponsors, entrants, or other decisions concerning the Award.
24. Every applicant must agree to these terms and regulations.